Introduce Someone You Care About

We would like to introduce our new 2nd Opinion service. This is a unique service whereby you introduce to us someone you care about and they receive a complimentary 2-step consulting engagement with us.

On the first visit to Donald Wealth Management, we look at where your referral is now and where they want to be. We create a complete client profile so that they can see their financial picture all on one page.

On the second visit to us, we discuss with your referral any gaps we have identified that need to be filled, in order for them to reach their goals.

There are usually 3 outcomes of the 2nd Opinion service:

  1. Your referral is on the right track and no actions are recommended.
  2. Your referral could benefit from some advice with another adviser (and we will happily make the introductions)
  3. We have identified ways we can help your referral and we invite them to become part of our Donald Wealth Management family.

If you would like to introduce someone you care about to us, please get in touch.

Our Second Opinion Service: Video

This video takes a look at the Donald Wealth Management Second Opinion Service, why we offer one and what it’s all about.

With complexity and uncertainty in the financial markets, many investors are considering switching their financial adviser. But many investors are unsure how to go about it and to find the right adviser for them. The Second Opinion Service has been developed to help investors make informed decisions. Taking investors through the start of our wealth management process reveals any gaps in the investor’s current service and lays the foundations of a strategy to help investors reach their goals. Recommendations are then made about the way forward with the investor’s existing adviser or with Donald Wealth Management. Crucially, the initial discovery meeting is held entirely at our cost and there is absolutely no further obligation.

For more information about our Second Opinion Service, please feel free to call us on 0121 3088034 or contact us here.

The Second Opinion Service

Explaining ideaWhy do we offer the second opinion service?

What we have found is that with all the complexity and volatility in today’s financial markets many investors are actively considering switching their financial advisers or wealth managers. However, they are unsure of what to do and they do not know if they are well positioned to stay with their current adviser or whether they should switch adviser. It may be performance related. It could be down to service or just the general feeling that the adviser doesn’t have a consistent process to deliver all the advice for their wealth management needs.

With that in mind, how can a client find the right adviser?

This has led us to develop our second opinion service. It has been built to help investors make informed decisions. In this service we provide a second opinion. We will take them through the start of our wealth management process.

We offer a full consultative wealth management process which begins with the discovery meeting where we ask a series of thought provoking questions to fully understand where the client is now, where they are trying to go to, which in turn then helps us to start to build a strategy for the steps they need to take to reach their goals. We will examine any gaps that need to be filled.

If a client is in good shape with their current adviser we will obviously let them know or if it is more appropriate for us to work with them, we will begin that process.

The next steps

Crucially our initial discovery meeting is held completely at our cost with no further obligation. We do tend to find that even if it is not suitable for a client to join us, they find the discovery discussions incredibly useful and they help them understand to far greater extent their current financial position and also what their goals are.

How a client would go about booking a second opinion meeting would be simply to contact us at the office on 0121 308 8034 to arrange a mutually convenient appointment.

For existing clients of Donald Wealth Management they are able to offer their friends and family members access to the full discovery meeting and strategy plan meeting all at no charge whatsoever.

For new perspective clients who haven’t been referred by an existing Donald Wealth Management client or a member of our Professional Network team, while the discovery meeting will be free of charge, we do reserve the right to charge for producing the strategy plan. We would obviously discuss any costs with you before proceeding to that stage.

Who do we work with

We only work with clients with whom we can have a major impact. If clients should consider switching financial advisers and we are not a good fit, we will be happy to point them in the right direction for a financial adviser who can work with them more effectively.

I look forward to hearing from you and please contact us on 0121 308 8034 to arrange your second opinion meeting.

The Second Opinion Service Video

We have also created a short video explaining our Second Opinion Service. Please also feel free to take a look around our website at for further information about our services.

I look forward to helping you achieve all that is important for you and your family.


Risk warnings & other important information

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Remember, investing involves risk. Investment values can go down as well as up, and you may not get back what you put in.

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