How the Super Rich are Smart with Their Assets

How the Super Rich are Smart with Their Assets

Protecting your assets is essential.

Our high-net-worth clients are familiar with the importance of a reliable, well researched and qualified valuation document to ensure speedy settlement of any potential claim.

Jewellery is something we all hold particularly close to our hearts, which often carries a significant emotional memory.

Ensuring that you are adequately insured in the event of theft or loss can help to ease what can be a devastating time, as replacing your precious items can be a near impossible feat without the correct and up-to-date documentation.

This is particularly true in the current economic climate, where values of everything can and will change over time, which makes it vitally important to regularly revisit the current market value of your portfolio regularly to ensure that you’re up to date.

When the worst does happen, do you have the right documentation in place in order to make a compelling claim?

Most insurers will not accept a valuation more than three years old, nor are they likely to accept a valuation from a non ‘Institute Registered Valuer’.

Can you answer these questions:

● Can you describe the item?

● What date was it made?

● What components were used?

The Super Rich Protect Their Assets with Regular Valuations

A highly qualified jewellery valuer and consultant can answer these questions in detail, leaving no doubt surrounding the value of your piece or collection.

An expertly prepared valuation document is an investment in the future of your assets and a valuation from Heather Callaway Ltd provides maximum assurance for you and your insurers.

Heather Callaway (FIRV FGA DGA AMEA) provides an exclusive Jewellery Valuation service for High Net Worth Clients that is completely independent which can be carried out in the privacy and security of their own home, office or any other venue that’s mutually agreed.

What’s more the items never have to leave your possession or sight as Heather can perform her role on site for you.

Clients can rest assured that their precious memories and items are in expert and trustworthy hands.

Your Items are in Safe Hands

Having provided valuation and consulting services for the prestigious House of Garrard in London, as well as other High End Jewellers and a vast array of Ultra High Net Worth Clients, Heather Callaway is an enormously respected member of the Valuing and Jewellery community.

Heather offers a fixed price structure per item or on a daily rate in which the fees are not linked in any way to the value of the item ensuring her completely impartiality.

For additional peace of mind Heather does not buy or sell items any of the items she values, which can range from watches, jewellery and loose gemstones and diamonds.

Heather Callaway will Value and Consult for a Range of Items, Ensuring Your Assets are Protected.

As part of the service Heather will produce beautifully bound documentation for your Jewellery, including with the financial values a comprehensive breakdown and description alongside high quality photography of every item.

Heather has 24 years’ experience in the industry, and is passionate about Jewellery and the importance of a well-crafted and researched valuation.

Because she understands the importance of education and learning, Heather is a certified gemmologist (FGA and DGA of The Gemmological Association of Great Britain), Fellow of the Institute of Registered Valuers and as an Associate of the Academy of Expert Witnesses, Heather also prepares documentation for court work.

Also passing on her experience to the next generation, she is the Chairman of the Education Steering Group for the National Association of Jewellers.

Having been trusted to assess students enrolled onto the Jewellery Appraisal Theory correspondence programme, Heather is now responsible for the development of all new Jewellery qualifications for the whole trade for the National Association of Jewellers.

Heather Callaway is an Institute of Registered Valuers Fellow

Heather Callaway’s experience, expertise and attention to detail is only matched by her personable nature and utmost care for your jewellery. To discuss your jewellery valuation needs, contact Heather using the details below:

Heather Callaway Jewellery Valuation and Consultancy



Phone: 0843 886 8050

Mobile: 0778 927 5874






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