Holiday Home Insurance

Why it Pays to ‘Stay at Home’ for Overseas Holiday Home Insurance

When you’re looking to insure your overseas holiday home, it can be advantageous to look for insurance at home first. Richard Howell covers the disadvantages and advantages of insurance from overseas and at home. For example, having your insurance provider at home can ease communication in the event of a claim.

Holiday Home Insurance

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Whether you’re already enjoying your escape to the sun, snow, beach or lakes or are in the process of acquiring a stylish second home, it’s important to get the right overseas holiday home insurance in place.

It’s not uncommon for second home owners to use a local provider when insuring an overseas property. In most cases, they do this because they think it’s the best option. Unfortunately, that’s not usually the case.

In my experience, many overseas homeowners are often unaware that a UK insurer can be used to arrange adequate levels of cover.

After all, insurance jargon can only be compounded when it’s written in Spanish, French or German. There’s no need to add this level of complexity or confusing detail.

If the worst should happen, and you need to make a claim, negotiating fluently with a claims examiner or loss adjuster in their local language could be extremely challenging.  

At Nowell & Richards, we would advocate that there’s a more simplistic approach to arranging holiday home insurance under a UK policy under-pinned by our guidance and expertise.  

As a specialist broker of buildings and contents insurance for prestigious homes, we can protect second homes which are located throughout Europe and often on a global basis.

Buy holiday home insurance tailored by Nowell & Richards and you’ll benefit from:

  • All documents being worded in English
  • No inoccupancy conditions
  • Comprehensive protection
  • Public liability insurance for guests, staff and visitors
  • Cover for short-term lets

If a problem does arise, and a claim needs to be made, our Private Client Executives will personally oversee the process. No forms to fill in, no paperwork, no hassle. Just talk to us on the phone and we’ll take care of everything.  You’ll also receive added protection from the financial ombudsman service which is not a regulatory requirement for an overseas policy.

How many local insurance providers could offer that level of service?

Having insured high-profile and high-value individuals for more than 20 years, we do this because it provides maximum assurance in the event of an emergency. No stress. No worries.

Invest in a second home insurance policy from Nowell & Richards and we’ll ensure it has the same tailored protection as your main residence.

By Richard Nowell

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