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Staying on Track When Tragedy Strikes

Life does not always go smoothly. Whether you’re a billionaire, a pauper or somewhere in between, you (or someone close whom you care about) will likely suffer some type of tragedy at some point in your journey. Many of the Super Rich employ strategies that help them stay the course after major life setbacks. The […]

The Link Between Personal Development and Success – in Business and in Life

The legendary entrepreneur and motivational speaker Jim Rohn said it best: Your level of success will rarely exceed your level of personal development. That’s true whether you’re talking about your life, your career or (if you’re an entrepreneur) your business. There are six key components to engaging in personal development. Make personal development a true […]

A Formula for Thoughtful Decision-Making in a Family Business

Conflict has sunk more than a few family businesses over time. To avoid it as much as possible – and navigate it when it inevitably rears its head – owners of family businesses need to adopt a thoughtful, calculated approach to decision-making. Conflict among family members can sink a business – especially when children clash […]

How Long is Long-Term?

For many investors – particularly those in retirement – the question ‘how long is long-term?’ could also be translated as ‘I’m getting on a bit, so should I still be investing in the stock market?’.  When it comes to systematic investing – that is to say, capturing specific market risks in a disciplined and rules […]

Winning a Family Business Civil War

The term ‘civil war’ typically refers to a battle between citizens of the same country – the most obvious example in the USA being the War Between the States from 1861 to 1865, which left at least 600,000 dead Americans in its wake. But a civil war can also involve family members who are in […]

Do You Have What It Takes to Become Super Rich?

Billionaire intelligence at its core encompasses the mindsets and actions the self-made Super Rich employ that enable them to build massive personal wealth. These mindsets and actions are no secret – the road map to gargantuan fortunes is available to most people, thanks to extensive research into the affluent and their wealth-creation efforts. It’s really […]

Seven Rules for Building Powerful Professional Relationships

Powerful professional relationships are often the foundation of tremendous success enjoyed by the self-made Super Rich, who prove to be quite remarkable at connecting interpersonally with other businesspeople and motivating them to help the self-made Super Rich achieve their goals. Here are just a few ways you can build powerful professional relationships: Demonstrating your passion […]

The Pain and Pleasure of Diversification

Could’ve, would’ve, should’ve! It is human nature to look at an investment that has done particularly well and wish you had been invested in it. We all risk being dragged into ‘if only’ mind games: ‘If only I had put a £10,000 into Amazon in 2003, I’d be retired by now’ 1. ‘If only I […]