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Rebalancing – Do I Really Have to?

Humans have a hard time being investors.  Normally, we like to purchase things when they are cheap and avoid them when they are expensive, but that is often not the case for equities.  We tend to get overly optimistic and enthusiastic when equity markets rise dramatically, as they have done since the Global Financial Crisis […]

Covid-19 Measures: March 2020

The 11 March Budget from the new Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, included £7 billion of expenditure targeting the impact of Covid-19 on employees, the self-employed and businesses. On 17 March a further raft of measures was announced, amounting to an additional £20 billion of support expenditure plus £330 billion of loan guarantees. By 20 March another […]

Free Up Your Life: Work Smarter, Not Harder

This article delves into how you can free up your life by working smarter, and unlock the possibilities that come with the extra time available. 168 hours. That’s how much time any of us has to accomplish our tasks and goals each week – at work, at home and out in the world. Sleep seven […]

A Round-up of the Spring 2020 Budget

If ‘a week is a long time in politics’, then nearly 18 months between Budgets must count as close to an eternity. And so it proves, if we consider the last Budget on 29 October 2018. Back then, Philip Hammond was the Chancellor, Theresa May was the Prime Minister, Brexit was due on 29 March […]

Top Tips for Staying Calm in Today’s Markets

At times like this, it is sometimes worth reminding ourselves that it is this very uncertainty of shorter-term market outcomes that delivers investors with returns above those of placing bank deposits.  This allows us to grow our purchasing power over time.  In the case of equities, this uncertainty can be high as the market adjusts […]

Property Sellers Warned About Changes In CGT Rules

CIOT warns property owners to plan for a ‘seismic change’ on how CGT will be payable on residential property capital gains from April 2020. The Chartered Institute of Taxation recently issued a press release alerting property owners who make taxable gains on their residential properties to plan for a ‘seismic change’ in how tax is paid. From […]

Don’t Leap Before You Look! The Benefits of Thoughtful Action

This article explores the benefits that come with the use of thoughtful action along with how quick-thinking is perceived and rewarded. When people are confronted with adversity, opportunity or both, they often react quickly – with the intention of dealing with the situation rapidly and moving forward. These reflexively gut-driven responses are often rewarded by […]